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MG MGF Technical - ODB II on mg TF ?

I would like know if they are ODB II diagnostic port on mg TF ??



Patrick Beet

Not sure, but I think the TF does have it.

Quote from
All petrol cars sold within Europe since 1 Jan 2001, and diesel cars manufactured from 2003, must have on-board diagnostic systems to monitor engine emissions.

These systems were introduced in line with European Directive 98/69/EC to monitor and reduce emissions from cars.

Johan Slagter

Yes, there is an OBD-II type diagnostic port on the mgtf Jeremy - it's located in the fusebox area under the steering wheel. Codes are OBD standard, and can be read using a standard OBD code reader :o)

Talk to JT - he's recently purchased the kit required to read the codes from the internet... :o)
Rob Bell

Sorry for providing incorrect information. I thought the lack of ODB was one of the many reasons the F could not be sold in the US and this in turn was due to Rover's ECU.

Thanks for the correction!


Patrick Beet

You were on the right track Patrick, OBD2 = On Board Diagnostics, level 2. For US compliance it needs to have OBD3 (additional sensors and things like a service warning light on the dash for example).

At least this is my understanding of it anyway.

Scarlet Fever

>>> the kit required to read the codes from the internet <<<
A Computer with Internet connection ???

Sorry Rob, it's Friday afternoon ;o)

OBD II fitted on TF's and I believe MY 2000 F to comply with international standards.

See pic of socket at

John Thomas

I own a 1997 regular MGF 1.8MPI. Do you people know if the Gendan scanner would read my car? Thanks.
John Sinclair-Smith

The Gendan scanner is an OBDII reader John, so is not suitable for any MGF manufactured before 2001; these vehicles use MEMS1.9 (or MEMS2J for the VVC) which are not OBD compliant.

Sorry about that.
Rob Bell

Any diagnostic tool for those of us with early MGFs?
If not OBDII what the diag protocole would be for the MEMS 1.9?
JM Vega-P.

Ideally you need access to Testbook in either of its iterations (I gather that there are alternative aftermarket options - such as those from Sun Diagnostics, but none are cheap).

This page may be of interest - but it isn't good news for those of us interested in reading the fault codes :o(

If you lived in the UK, you could make use of these guys:

Bottom line is that we (owners of cars with MEMS1.9 and 2J) don't have much in the way of options :o(

For MEMS3 owners - check out
Rob Bell

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