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MG MGF Technical - Odd noise

Over the last couple of days the MGF has developed a strange noise when depressing the clutch. The drive is no different, just a strange whining noise, it also happens when stationary.

Has anyone any ideas what it might be. I have always had work done at B&G but with that being a 3 hour round trip and the local MGR garage not free for 3 weeks, is it likely that I could go to any local garage?

Any advice would be much appreciated

PS, the car has done 56k miles and the clutch is not slipping.
T Graveling

Am I to assume that nobody has experienced this sympton and can't offer any advice?

T Graveling

Had similar problem, about a year a go.

initially difficulty getting reverse gear.

followed by whining noise when pressing clutch.

followed by grinding noise when pressing clutch.

followed by horrendous grinding noise, and the smell of burning clutch.

took about 2 weeks in total.


master cylinder failed, resulting in clutch not disengaging properly. and unlimately resulting in a trashed clutch.

in the archives somewhere.

you don't seem to be having much luck lately. :-(

paul weatherill

Try to get it sorted quickly, this may save costs as described above. A dragging clutch damages the clutch plate and driven plate, syncro rings in the gearbox and the gears themselves. Much better to get it sorted early.
T Green

I popped into a Rover dealer in Hampton who after a 5 min drive and nothing else identified the fault as being the clutch release bearing.

Apparently the warranty might cover it, though they have a maximum of 28 per hour rate.

So have resorted to writing a very strong letter to original dealer expressing concern over 1895 service costs in 11 months.

Wish me luck.
T Graveling

Good luck mate.

Think my total bill was extremely high. didn't see whole bill, ( only a list of the parts replaced )
as i was fortuante enough to have an understanding extended warranty company.

paul weatherill

This thread was discussed between 28/10/2002 and 31/10/2002

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