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MG MGF Technical - Odd question...!

Anyone has an idea how much a VVC engine BLOCK weighs? (without cables, pipes, manifold etc). In kilo's if possible ;-)

I'd like to know in case it's acceptable for two people to drag it into a car, since then I'll take my dead engine with me, as a souvenir... And also interesting to disassemble & study a bit the VVC engine during weekends.
(or who knows, for spare parts!)

I won't use an F to transport it, but rather a Renault Megane.

ps: still no news from dealer nor SP...

What ever it weighs I am sure it is well in excess of the boat loading so be careful.

Many years ago I had a coach engine failure whilst in Spain and a new engine was flown out but I had to bring the old engine out of Spain in the boot of the coach, the weight tore the boot away from the body of the coach!

Ted Newman

I can just about lift a stripped Meastro 1275 enginge into the back of a Maestro van on my own, but I'm a big bloke!

Two people should be able to lift an alloy VVC engine into and out of the Renault with out too much difficulty.

Engines are awkward shapes and can be tricky though.

Dont forget the last drops of oil and antifreeze that will leak out. The only wat to properly drain an engine is to put it in the back of a car with out enough newspaer on the floor and driv around for a bit, oil will flood out every where and mix with the anti freeze to give you hours of fun cleaning up.

PS. I accept no liabilities for any injuries as a result of following my advice.

I have the dry weight for the K16 in 1.4 form WITH a gearbox at 128kg. (Source - Rover press pack for K series launch) Picturing the last time I picked up a Metro/200 series gearbox I would say that accounts for about 25kg of the total. Noting that the VVC is quoted at 10kg heavier than the 1.8, which should be about the same weight as the 1.4, then I think that if you accounted for about 110kg, give of take 5kg, you should not be far off the mark.

Roger Parker Tamworth

I have shifted a midget 1500 block with 1 other bloke, neither of us are olympic weightlifters by any means. Larger capacity though the VVC is, I reckon you should be able to do it (aluminium, light-weight modern design etc).

After all, Dirk, you should be pretty fit by now, given how long you've spent pushing your F after breakdowns....


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