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MG MGF Technical - Oil and Filter change.

I like to look after my cars so I usually change the oil and filter when I take delivery of a new car unless it has been changed as part of the delivery service.
My 2000 VVC had its first ( 1 year ) service back in August ( Previous owner ) and has since only covered about 1,500 miles in nearly 5 months.

I am thinking of changing the oil and filter just because it has been stood around a lot over the winter and the next service is not due until August this year.

So I have a few questions.

1, Am I going OTT?, I just get the impression the MGF benefits from being looked after.

2, Can the filter and oil be changed without removing the engine cover ( rear hood removal etc).
I assume you can get at the filter and sump plug from under the rear with it on stands. But how long does it take to refill the oil using the "Top up" funnel rather than the main rocker cover oil cap (removing the engine cover etc).

3, Would some Slick 50 do any harm with the VVC etc. I would put in a good quality fully synthetic oil plus slick 50.

What are other MGF owners opinions/experiences with oil changes etc. What oil do people put in.


I would not use the product you mention or any other containing PTFE-polytetrafluoroethene.
In the USA the manufacturer of PTFE will not supply this product openly to makers of oil additives.
Look it up on the web for your own research.

Changing oil and filter more often can only be a GOOD thing to enhance engine life.

Hi Paul,

Echo Joe´s advice and add one myself ; Always fill the filter before fitting it to the engine. NEVER fit a dry filter as it will take unneccecary long time for the oil-pump to fill it up and only after that fill-up all the other parts of the engine will get any oil !
You will be amazed by the amount of oil the filter holds, just let it soak and fit it as quickly to the thread on the engine to ensure no spill. Also remember to "wet" the rubber seal on the filter with some oil before fitting. Use no tools - just hand tighten will do to ensure no leaks.

Regards , Carl.

Hi Paul,

I agree with Joes comments about slick and similar products. Provided you use a good qualityoil from a well known manufacturer there is absolutely no need for them.

Changing the oil and filter regularly will certainly not harm your engine and it is a very easy job on the MGF. You can reach the sump plug from underneath the car just in front of the rear rhs wheel. You will need to raise the car to reach the filter though. There is no need to open the engine cover. If you remove the dipstick you can refil from there but you have to take it slowly. It doesn't take that long, maybe 10 minutes or less. Also its a good idea to use a new washer on the sump plug as this is made from aluminum and gets compressed every time the plug its tightened.

Spyros Papageorghiou

I've got a loud ticking noise coming from my 2001 mpi, from noisey "Cam followers" It is just coming up to its first birthday having done 5.5k miles. Roger Parker gave me some advice that for cars that are not doing high mileage, there may be a sludge build up which restricts the oil to these parts. If so the followers do not get the oil they need and hence the ticking problem. Solution - oil change every 6 months. Having said that, it has only been 8 months since its last oil change, still, I have learnt my lesson.


I've heard many bad reports about slick 50 'blocking' oil filters.
I came across a 205 GTI that had this used in it, and the Big Ends Expired at 60,000 miles.


Yes, my vote goes for absolutely no additives ever in the oil. As I do about 6K a year I just go for an annual oil/filter change. Refilling is easy using the remote filler, I use a small plastic funnel and pour about half a litre down at a time every couple of minutes or so. As checking the oil level on the dipstick is hopeless at this time I just put the entire four litres of Mobil 1 down the car's throat and then do a final check and top-up if necessary a few days later. The only thing I can add to the good advice above is that after the old oil has been drained tip in a small amount of fresh oil with the drain plug removed so that it 'pushes' the last of the old oil out. It's probably a waste of time but some people are funny about their cars.

Unipart make a premium oil filter at around a tenner which is easily ordered from Rover garages. It looks just like the standard job only has Premium written on the side. I must be a salesman's dream. Having said that I've cut a standard filter open and it is an excellent piece of work. I'll cut the premium filter open after the next change to compare them, but I think the only difference will be in the filter material, which I won't be able to measure.

Steve, I do not think that you have caused your noisy tappets. Although you are not doing a high mileage (nor are many of us) as long as your individual trips are long enough to get the oil reasonably hot (up to the 90 deg mark) then you should be OK. If I nip to the shops I have a little detour on the way back to make sure I do at least 10 miles each time. Modern oils do not generate this sludge very easily at all!

Regards, Kes.

This thread was discussed on 24/01/2002

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