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MG MGF Technical - Oil Change


My second hand 1996f got 25k. When first bought had 12k in. Did major changes on the oil, timing belt, coolant, due to the age of the car not the mileage when it reached 20k.

Now 25k has arrived what will be the recommended oil to change....easily can follow manual instruction, but have heard that mobile 1 is the best.

hank teekaveerakit

oil change is dead easy, I do it every 6 months or 6k miles. I use Mobil 1 (0w40 in england).

You can get away with not undoing the engine cover if you pour very slowly into the top up cap (remove dipstick first)
Will Munns

Tim's oil and filter change instructions can be found here:

As Will says, Hank, the job is pretty straightforward :o)

Good luck!
Rob Bell

thanks fellows.

so mobile 1 is the best, i suppose.

hank teekaveerakit

I use Mobil One - but have used Castrol Magnatec in the past when Mobil One was unavailable. More important to have clean, new oil than black goo that will do your engine no good whatsoever...
Rob Bell

I have Magnatech in the F which as is mentioned is a very straightforward job, but I use Halfords cheapo 10/40 in the Labrat.
halfords gludjo is better than black treacle! and anyhow a lot of it will be squirted across the driveway until we get the spanners out.

I would recomend that you change the oil every year even if you havent done that many miles. dust, sediment etc all conspire to do your engine in.


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