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MG MGF Technical - oil change (6000km)

today I went to my dealer to make an oil change in my mgtf. I have chose to change oil now (6000km only) for precaution. I think dealer fill my car by synt oil. I know using mineral oil (up to 10000miles) is better than synth one. Do sinthetic oil can damage my car? or symply I have worse performance? please suggest me something. If I risk my car, this morning I phone to dealer and I insist to have non full-synth oil.


cnerone, actually I won't use mineral oil by ANY cause. Synthetic one is much better (in my opinion)...

synthetic oil will not allow the engine to bed in any more, but you have done the running in. It is usually better oil than mineral.

From the engine oil bible:


Despite their name, most synthetic derived motor oils (ie Mobil 1, Castrol Formula RS etc ) are actually derived from mineral oils - they are mostly Polyalphaolifins and these come from the purest part of the mineral oil refraction process, the gas. PAO oils will mix with normal mineral oils which means Joe public can add synthetic to his mineral, or mineral to his synthetic without his car engine seizing up. The most stable bases are polyol-ester (not polyester, you fool). When I say 'stable' I mean 'less likely to react adversely with other compounds.' Synthetic oil bases tend not to contain reactive carbon atoms for this reason. Reactive carbon has a tendancy to combine with oxygen creating an acid. As you can imagine, in an oil, this would be A Bad Thing. So think of synthetic oils as custom-built oils. They're designed to do the job efficiently but without any of the excess baggage that can accompany mineral based oils.
Will Munns

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