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MG MGF Technical - Oil Change - advise sought

I have the use of a local garage's facilities tomorrow to undertake an oil and oil filter change myself.

Is there anything I should know about my F before I attempt this exercise? Also, mechanic recommends Castrol this synthetic? I have 46K on the clock and guess it's time to go synthetic? All other oil changes have been undertaken by the local dealer, would they have changed to synthetic at 24 or 36K ??

Any learned comments very much appreciated.
PS Happy New Year all!

Castrol GTX Magnatec is a fully synthetic oil.. Go to to learn more about it..

Magnatec, I think, is one of the best things you can out in your F...


Shashi Dookhee


>Is there anything I should know about my F

don't try to fill the oil through the filler like looking thing at the boot. Its only a diameter of about 4 mm at the lower end.

The Engine cover needs to be removed and fill the oil direkt to the filler on the cam cover.

Dieter Koennecke

I would support the use of GTX Magnatec - it is Rover recommended and should have been used from day one.

Some also recommend Mobil 1 synthetic.

Ewan Ramage

I use Mobil 1 synthetic 0w 40. If it's good enough for MGF cup, it must be OK. Ran last K series for 105,000 on it with no signifigant signs of wear when the old metro GTi moved on.
Andy Bourne


There are four Castrol GTX oils, and two Magnatecs, so insist on the correct one. None is synthetic. Make sure you get GTX Magnatec for Advanced/Modern Engines, in the light green can, 10W-40. Castrol's synthetic offering is RS 10W-60, easily identified by its price tag. Mobil 1 and Shell Helix Ultra are also fully synthetic: all these oils are recommended by Rover and are quite suitable, as are many more listed in the Owner's Manual.

There's no way of telling whether synthetic oil has been used before, short of an oil analysis. You should have no worries using any of the recommended quality oils, and Rover even says that the list is not exhaustive.

Regards, Kes.

>>don't try to fill the oil through the filler like looking thing at the boot. Its only a diameter of about 4 mm at the lower end.
The Engine cover needs to be removed and fill the oil direkt to the filler on the cam cover.<<

To save 20-30 min removing and refitting the engine cover, you can try to fill first through the dipstick filler. On my F, it takes 5 min to fill 4 liters. If it's too slow, then follow Dieter's route.
I use Mobil 1 5W50.


>Castrol GTX Magnatec is a fully synthetic oil

The magnatec is not synthetic but produced using synthetic technology. but the viscosity is recommended for the K series engine i.e 10W40.

I've read somewhere that oil with viscosity lower than 15W50 e.g 10W50 & 5W40 are not recommended to be driven at high revs for long periods at a time unless it is of the fully synthetic type. So I figure that this apply to all other types of engines.

Don't forget to remove the dipstick when filling. Will take forever otherwise.
I have always used Mobil1, was recomended by my dealer (not that one - sniff) to use this after engine had done 10k. Never any problems.
It does smell different to ordinary oil, but takes practise.

Tnx for the info. guys. Have just completed the task with the assistance of Race Engineering Ltd. of Colwyn Bay. They recommend oil and filter change at 2K - 3K intervals on an F (yikes!) and semi-synthetic oil throughout the engine life....if it's good enough for their (winning) Rally Cars it's good enough for HI 2 VVC.

Cheers and thanks again.


The very best oil you can get for road cars is Redline. It's far higher quality than all other synthetics, has far lower friction (hence about 5BHP extra for an MGF at the crank), far higher wear resistance and high temp stability. You find you engine sounds quieter, revs better and runs smoother than with ANY other oil. I've used this stuff religiously in all my cars and bikes and it's liquid gold. Incidentally. it was recommended to me by one of Exxon (Esso's) senior viscometrics experts (off the record, of course!)

Use 10W40 in the F.


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