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MG MGF Technical - oil change on 02 tf

I have 02 tf.I want to change the oil and filter and do a flush.Is the oil filter a standard casing as on most cars and easy to undo?Do I have to take the hood and back plate etc off? If so it is not a problem just have to pick a sunny day.
chris hebditch

Chris it is pretty simple and straightforward. A dry day is best as by lying on the ground you have easy access to the drain plug and filter without needing to remove anything. Refilling can be done down the dip tube, without removing anything but takes time - which can be much reduced by heating the oil. Halfords std 213 filter and 4.5l of 10/40w Magnatec gives you change from 30.

What's the recommended oil for the F? Heard a few people use Mobile 1.

I use Mobile 1 10/40w it's expensive but the engine seems to thrive on it. ( 98 VVC 156000km )
Andrew W Regens

Chris by the sounds of it you have never did an oil change before and havent looked at your engine from either top or bottom. To that purpose I suggest you dont bother and give it to a mechanic.
Dick Pullar

Yes it's dead slow through the filler which is really only for top-ups of about litre. If the engine cover is off you can use the filler cap on the cam cover - much easier but you've got the fiddle of reaching it.
Did mine using Mobil Motorsport, but I was going to spend the day at Silverstone at 6 thousand and umpty revs ;-)
Mike Cunningham

I used 0w40 Mobil 1 in my MPi. You shouldn't really use oil this thin in a VVC, so stick with 10w40.

I found that the engine ran cooler with the Mobil 1 and never went above 120 degrees. When I changed back to 10w40 Magnatec at 120,000 miles the engine would get up to 150 degrees if driven hard.
Ralph Gadsby

Agree with Ralph my 1996 1.8i runs on Mobil 1 0W40 (has done since new!) and the oil temp never goes above 120 degrees on the gauge.

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