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MG MGF Technical - Oil Codes?

Could someone remind me what the code for Oil types means please. ie. 10W40 means what compared to say 0W40 etc. I'm having my service next weekend and the garage said they would put in any oil that I supplied, so its the old 'shall I use GTX magnatec or Mobil 1' question.

Cheers, sorry to bring up oil on the BBS again but I can never remember what that code means!
Nigel Kidd
paul weatherill

So what do you guys reckon?? Magnatec or Mobil 1.

I've just collected my mgtf Sprint 160 and would welcome yr views.

Also, 95 RON petrol or Optimax???

>>I've just collected my MGTF Sprint 160 and would welcome yr views.<<
Don't use a full synthetic for the first 12000 miles - it stops the engine bedding in.

I'm not convinced that Mobil 1 is any better than the semi-synthetics (for an MGF). Although the oil can get a little hot (shouldn't trouble a TF160 tho) it's not highly stressed. Personally I prefer the 10W-40 Semi Synthetics for the MG (cheaper, less likely to consume oil).

95 RON petrol should be fine - especially if you stick to the leading brands - Esso/Texaco/BP (+Shell of course)
Optimax wont do any harm, it's just a cost/availability thing.


Thanx, Steve!! I'll stick with the Magnatec for now, then.

>> Optimax wont do any harm, it's just a cost/availability thing...

I had an Alfa 156 V6 2.5l for a few months and Optimax made a noticeable difference (an improvement in fuel consumption, perceived performance and the engine somehow sounded EVEN smoother)...tried it in my Mk4 Golf (non-Turbo) 1.8i GTi and the exact opposite...NO improvement in fuel consumption and the engine sounded and "felt" rougher, if anything.

Biggest frigin' myth out. Doesn't really matter what oil you put in. Just change it frequently.

... except that mineral oil is used when running in the car and synthetics are used for once its run in.

After that it depends how you use the car and where you live.

See and look up the engine oil bible for everything that you could possibly wish to know.

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