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MG MGF Technical - Oil Drips On Floor

Hi, Ive noticed a few small drips on the floor under my engine area, is this a big problem? , Do MGF's have a reputation of Oil Drips from Engine area ?
Phil Jones

Modern engines shouldn't leak oil, worth having the car checked over.

I recently found a leak coming from the gasket at the bottom of the dip stick tube, not terminal but just had to monitor the oil level until I had it fixed. Only a few quid on top of the other work i was having done.


Check at first the cam cover and it's bolts if engine oil is the reason.
The drive shafts sealings to the gear box is another possible known reason.


Ditto Dieter,

Mine was fixed after just tightening those bolts.

Mind you Rover/MG dealer tried to charge me $300 for fixing it. But I said nah... and the drip was gone after just tightening those cam cover bolts.

Good luck!
Nothing serious.
Hanah Kim

I have a small leak from the dipstick tube gasket similar to Tim, only appeared when I recently changed to fully synthetic oil. Only problem is to fix the gasket means losing the oil....not at those prices. Therefore I will monitor the levels and top up as necessary until the next oil change is due then get the gasket fixed.

Apparently, fully synthetic oil can get past parts other oils can not breach. Reminds me of a certain larger brand.


i've the same problem after changing the oil with a fully synthetic oil. I will start the question how good is synthetic oil for a MGF?

Allard de Graaf

Out of interest how much Oil are you guys losing due to synthetic oil/how often do you have to top up?

NIgel Kidd


It is only a very small amount, a few drops per day noticed in a very small patch about the size of a 10 pence piece, it took a few months before the level needed topping up.

Don't want to scare anyone, but...
for 2 years my 97 VVC never leaked any oil. 5 days before the HG went, I noticed a tiny oil patch under the car. It was below the alternator area of the engine. This was the point where the HG went. After HG replacement - no oil leaks.

Try and identify the area of the engine that is above your "oil patch". Hope this is not your scenario.

Most likely to be the dip stick tube. Be aware that if you have recently had an MOT done, then the dipstick tube may have been damaged by the bloke shoving the oil temp probe down it for the emissions test.

Paul Lane

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