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MG MGF Technical - Oil leak inside!

I have a small patch of oil (or oily substance) appearing on the footmat on the driver's side i.e. under the steering wheel. I can see no obvious sign of a drip and I can't tell if it is a one off or continuous. Any thoughts?
Zoe Martin

Should be easy to trace, just look directly above, as it's fallen on to carpet it would not have run away, so should be directly above.

As, you say, it is close to the steering wheel, it is a possibility that grease has escaped, with the current heat, from the top end of the steering shaft, which turns inside the steering column, there is a ball bearing assembly at the top end, near the wheel. The intermediate shaft, which has two UJ's is further down, so I doubt that would be the case.

If you need to look inside remove the upper and lower steering nacelles (the covers), that should expose anything you need to see.

Adrian Clifford

Just a thought, have you had the brakes serviced/played with recently, if the brake caliper pistons have been pushed back into their housings then a possible overflow of brake fluid may have occured, but I'm unsure if this would have found it's way into the drivers footwell.
Mike (Mersea)


If you look inside the bonnet, the brake master cylinder is on the passenger side. It will not be that.

The clutch master cylinder is directly above the pedals and has its push rod directly connected to the clutch pedal.

I would say you have the ol' leakin' master cyclinder syndrone.!
Time to have it replaced or fixed.

BECAREFUL as this fluid is actually brake fluid which is corrosive and toxic.


This thread was discussed on 21/06/2005

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