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MG MGF Technical - oil level tappet rattle

My engine on start up sounds like the tappets are rattling, the oil level is correct ( maybe slightly high ) but the oil warning light goes off on start up.
The noise goes away after 2-3 mins and the oil looks clean. Before it goes back to the garage , anything obvious I should look for, I know it not the easiest level to confirm.
Regards John
john anderson

Hi John,

It is normal for the oil to drain out of the tappets while the engine is off, so provided they are subsequently refilling and resuming 'silencing' duties then you have nothing to worry about. The garage would most likely give you the 'They All Do That Sir' advice, and largely they'd be right. You may find that an oil flush & change would reduce the time it takes for the tappets to re-fill (by clearing any desposits out of the oilways).

Some people 'treat' their engine to fully synthetic oil, which has some benefit when the engine is hot but alters the 'cold' running properties. Do you know what grade was used?
Mike Hankin

hi john, my f started doing the same thing a couple of weeks ago rattling on start up that speeded up with the revs then went quiet after 5 mins or so. a mechanic friend of mine said it was probly a stuck hydraulic tappet and suggested an oil change and flush, havent got round to it yet but the rattling has gone now of its own accord. doing oil change this weekend mobil 1 has been recommended. good luck
s hardy

We have the same problem which lasts for a few minutes from cold. Only sounds like one tappet though.

Has anyone ever tried using that Castrol Magnetec? I'm presuming its still around as I've been running a diesel for a couple of years so haven't bought any, but it slightly magnetises the oil to help stop it all draining away and thus reducing wear on start up.


D Forber

The "magnetic effect" is from adding a small amount of polar ester oil to the blend. Synthetics, especially race oils, use esters.

I use Magnatec - not noticed any rattly tappets.

Fiona ;-<>

I thought that all MG - Rover cars specifications was Magnatac or equivalent ?

I use Magnatec noisy tappets.
Tony Harrison

Used Magnatec also since car was new in 98 - no tappet noise either.
Steve P

I've changed to 10w40 Magnatec on my last oil change - I had the tappet noice before the change but it's gone now that I've upgraded the oil.
M Clayton

Same here used Magnatec since new in 99.

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