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MG MGF Technical - Oil pressure gauge

Hi all,

I am looking to replace the clock in the centre console by a oil pressure gauge (I might also change the oil temp gauge to match). I was wondering if anyone has done this before and if it was pretty straigth forward or if a lot of fiddling was needed.


Alex van Wijngaarden
Alexvw @ work

Is there nobody that knows whether the orginal dials have a standard size (I see a lot of 50 and 52 mm gauges on ebay) and whether the mountings are standard?
A.P. van Wijngaarden

Donīt know about the internal mounting /size,have fitted my 52mm pressure gauge(and the others) externally. But you need at least one new cable from the oilfilter /tempsensor area all the way up front as there are no suitable spare ones. A T-piece is also needed,beware that the pressure sender comes fairly low and can be in danger on a heavily lowered car ! Also a water temp gauge that doesnīt takes ages to react is a good investment ;O). / Carl.
Carl Blom

The cable is no problem as I was already planning to lay a wire for the coolant level sensor anyway.

I don't want to remove the centre console to much, because I don't know if you need to stress it a lot while removing. So tried to measure the diameter of the original ones from the outside today. Don't know if a 52mm will fit though. I haven't been able to find any smaller ones on the net, except for a VDO serie of 38mm. But they are hideous and don't have backlight...
A.P. van Wijngaarden

By the way, does anyone know what range I should look for. Does the oil pressure rise above 7 bar?
A.P. van Wijngaarden


I use a 1.8 in a midget.

It starts around 75psi when cold. When hot, we have 25 lb-ft on idle, and around 65lb-ft above 3K rpm.

It runs around 90C on country roads; 95 on main roads; and 105-110C on motorways; no oil cooler.

The gauge is a dual Smiths capillary (temp) and pipe (oil).


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