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MG MGF Technical - Oil Temp

After doing 90+ for 15 mins or more the oil tempreture gauge goes right up to (but not in) the red. Is this normal or is it crappy oil or something else?

Any advise would be appreciated

Cheers Ash.

I am not an expert, but would definately say that this is not right.

Even at Silverstone this weekend, and really pushing it around the track, the temperature did not go above 1/2 way.

Do you know what oil you have, crappy oil will not cool the engine as well.
Steve Green - KX51 NUH


Perfectly normal for the OIL temperature to go to the high readings when the car is being 'worked hard'

In fact back in the testing days it is said that the Rover test drivers had a competition going to see who could get the highest readings.

If it is normal during normal use and soon drops back when you slow down then no worries HOWEVER the water temperature should not go high.

Ted Newman

< or is it crappy oil >
It is essential that you know that your engine has the best oil available and is regularly serviced. This should not be a question.
There are many parameters contributing to oil temperature. If you were steady running (Motorway) level road (not hill climbing) and no excess loading (Air Cond) with our recent UK ambient 22/23 C , then 150 would appear to be a little high but not a problem.
There would be no margin for a long autobahn run at 100+ at 35+ C with Air Con on.
Everybody on this BBS will say that they are using the best oil however I find a 10% reduction in top end OT by using Mobil 1.
Geoff F.
G. Farthing


I get exact same on my V 99 F which has now done 68000 miles. As soon as I drop the speed back to a legal level (I hesitate to use sensible when talking of high speeds on uncongested motorways) it drops back to aroun the middle of the guage pointing at the C. Arounf town at low speeds of 30-40 it runs at about 120 C. I have heard on this BBS that certain models around the age of my F had gauges that are out of calibration and that there is a fix by adding a resistor. As mentioned above as long as the water temp stays normal you should be OK
John Dickson

The oil temp on my vvc runs at between 90 for general easy driving to approx 120 degrees for hard or sustained high speed use. The only time it has risen to 150 degrees was on an autobahn at speeds of 130+ mph.

Good quality oil is a must! I use fully synthetic castrol.

Happy motoring

D Kimberley

Thank you all for your advise/comments. I will do an oil change to make sure I have a good quality oil. I am unsure what oil is in it at the minute as when it was serviced a couple of months ago it was not done by a proper mg dealer & I have a feeling that cheap stuff went in.
Once again thanks all for the advice

Oil Change easy to do Ash, and depending on age of your F,if say 4/5 year and fair few miles on clock old, it's worth considering putting full Synthetic oil in, semi Syn would have been put in by dealer,have you asked dealer and raised your doubt's? for peace of mind take it out and change, Dave
DC Morris T6 DCM

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