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MG MGF Technical - Oil Temp Sensor Part Number

Could someone with a parts list tell me the correct oil temperature sensor to use with the oil temperature gauge YAC00060.

This is a 60 to 170 gauge, but I have tried the YCB100290 sensor, and it doesn't even register on the scale

many thanks
Kevin Ray

YAC00060 >> No Results Found!

current gauge P/N's known for 170 range
YAD100480 (VIN 251 to VIN 1017) (sensor YCB100270, 150 only)

YAD100610 (VIN 1018 to 20324) (sensor YCB100290 may be right here)
YAD100760 (VIN 20325 to 511058) (sensor YCB100350)
YAD101020 (VIN 511059 until mgtf)

May be you need to check the wiring circuits ?
Dieter K.

Thanks for your help Dieter,

The gauge has YAC00060 or could possibly be YAD on it. I have contacted VDO who recognised their number (02 323 605/310.284/056/001) and gave me the calibration, but it doesn't match with the info on your site. They say 60 degC = 293 ohm, 120 deg C = 56.4 ohm and 170 deg C = 19.6 ohm.

I have given up trying to match it now and have ordered a new gauge and sensor.

thanks again for the help

Kevin Ray

the data on site are from the manuals, so _not_ approved ;-)

Will check with what you got from VDO and correct.

May be of help to check here aswell (VVC ECU only!)

Dieter K.

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