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MG MGF Technical - Oil temperature

Engine running very hot on my 8,000 mile vvc. Oil temperature gauge reaches about 130 degrees. Oil level is fine. Engine recently had a replacement head gasket (under warranty).
john rudofsky

All 2000MY cars have a mismatch between the oil temp sender and the newer type gauge. This results in higher than true readings by about 20 degrees on average.

Depending on the driving conditions normal range of oil temps will be between 90 and 120 degrees.

Roger Parker


If I do 140-150 km/h for 50km my oil temperature reads 140-150 degrees.

At a constant 120-130 km/h it remains stable at around 130 degrees.

Normal, non motorway driving it reads between 100-120 degrees constantly after it has warmed up.

My car is a 1997 MKII (Not to be confused with MY2000) MPi. I would say the temperature is normal in this case. Do the MY2000 cars run colder or has my dial been telling me porkies for four years?

Mind you, having an HGF does make you a little paranoid about the oil temperature. The last thread I read about this problem it seemed that maybe he did have a problem, but I think this is normal.

This makes me notice a direct relationship between km/h and MGF engine temperature, around one degree for each km....:-)
Tony Smith

K&N are called MY1999. Only the first are infected. App. VIN range and all about it on

Temperature will raise up to 170
Dieter Koennecke


Thanks for your comment. In fact my car is a V-reg 1999. My query was prompted (a) by uncertainty following a head gasket going with just 7,500 miles on the clock and (b) whatever the actual temperature, the engine temperature(and oil temperature gauge) now seem to be running higher than before the head gasket was changed (and an annual dealer service carried out at the same time).

My car is a 2000MY VVC and I too have been concerned that it's running hot - even on cool days the needle is indicating around 130 deg C. During the summer on the motorways it was hitting 180 quite regularly.

Roger - if what you're saying is true is that a fixable item under warranty? My dealer told me that there was no problem with running temp but I guess they were taking readings from the Engine Management not the dial??

Not Rog, but just click the above link, print to any printer and show it to your dealer.
No influence on MEMS, just for true readings, though.
Dieter Koennecke

Thanks Dieter - I need to check my VIN but this sounds like it could be the problem.

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