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MG MGF Technical - Oil Temperature

Could anybody tell me what oil temperature there dial in the dash board reads on a normal journey?

I can seem to get it up to 140 - 150 degrees after a journey of about 30 miles, is this normal????
It doesn't seem to go into the red on the dial but this still seems a bit excessive for a 30 mile distance.

Any ideas?

Mine stays around 90 to 100 on normal driving but has been up to 150 on a very heavy track day. I understand that a batch of later cars (mine is 98 VVC) have gauges that missread higher and for them 120 to 130 is normal.


my car is a 1995 MGF 1.8i, do u think there might be a fault with the oil temp gauge or a fault with the car, its been like that for about 2yrs...since i had the car i suppose.

Yes this is normal if you are doing 100 MPH for that 30 miles :-)

If the car is still running ok I would say that maybe the dial is incorrect.
Tony Smith

yes i was doing about 80 - 90 and it stayed like that for another 50 miles until i got to the Lakes. Car seems to run no probs, water temp does not move from medium so nothing heating on that part.

Maybe just a faulty gauge then. cheers. :)

I have a VVC about one year old. The oil temp started to reach 150 quite often. At steady motorway speeds of about 80 the reading would go into the red. The sensor required a 15 ohm resistor fitted in the lead from the sensor. The dealer fitted the resistor as a mod recomended by MG Rover for free. The gauge now stays at about 120 all the time.
There is quite a bit more on this subject in the arcives.
Stuart Elliot

cheers stuart for the info, but how do i get to the achives? is there a web link plz.


You need to join the site, it's free. Scrole up to the top of the string. Then look in the top corner of the thread screen you will see a box marked archives.
Stuart Elliot

To join FOC and without any spam mail receipt danger go direct to the very top and select from the scroll menu beside 'The MG Enthusiasts' BBS' far down --> Members Only.
or direct

If you registered, than bookmark the entry side as recommended. This side will than appear with a 'Customize' and 'Archive' link in the lower top row.
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Dieter Koennecke

Holly sh*t!!!

I read the achives about the iol temp problems and all the problems seem to be with the later 1999- cars mines a 1995 Mpi, these achives are talking about the engine blowing up arggggggggg!!!!!
Now i'm not sure if there is something up with the engine or its just a problem with the gauge?
The thing is the engine seems quite alright after a long distance run and no problems with the water temp either.

Mmmmm dont know what to think now, but surely if it was a problem with the engine it wouldn't have lasted for at least the 2yrs i have had the car, Would it????


>these achives are talking about the engine blowing up arggggggggg!!!!!

Cool down, man :) and don't panic.
Some of the earlier temperature gauges seam to have mad readings, but this will not just kill the engine.
I suppose you read about Dirkies experiance with added Icon Chip ?

Ask Tony from Utrecht. He's best eyperiance with a 'wrong' reading gauge since years.

On the other hand, if you use the wrong engine oil or dirty air filter than the oil temp will be of course higher.
Valid as well for brand new engines while they run in.

BTW, if you don't use an aftermarket performance filter, but have still the original filter box and resonance box in use, than check the 'intake' hose far down rear under the engine at the rear subframe bar. I saw already several cars where a far to strong pulled cably tie restricted the hose diameter.

Dieter Koennecke

My solution is to remove the dial, if you can't see it you don't have to worry about it. :0)

Actually my dials are correct it's just my brain thats giving wrong readings. If I run continuously at 130 kmh it will get near 130, if I do 140-150 continuosly it will read 140-150 degrees. So I think we have a direct correlation between continuous speed and temperature if engine and dial are both working. :-)

Tony Smith

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