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MG MGF Technical - Oil Temperature Gauge at 150 degrees

Hi guys

Been reading these pages for the last couple of weeks now. I wish I knew about them when I had my first two F's! Learnt so much already.

Anyway, would like someones opinion on whether I have a potential problem in the making, got a APRIL 2000 VVC which is running great. Took it on a longish motorway run, (3hours)and noiced the oil gauge got up to the edge of the redzone on the gauge (150 degrees?). Was doing about 100mph at the time (allegedly officer), slowed down and the gauge did fall back to the vertical position. Every other F I've had, the oil gauge only ever rose just above the 120 mark. Checked oil etc. all seems OK. Might be imagining it, but I'm sure the needle didn't rise this high before the first oil change. Cars done 8800m. Any thoughts?

I seem to remember something about this only a few weeks ago. Wasn't there a bad batch of sensors which read high? Somebody like Dieter will know!
Bruce Caldwell

Hmm, I'm in doubt. A VVC from April 2000 can be related to the mixed sensor problem. But it shouldn't appear in such late cars ??

So the mentioned info is here, but I wonder why your dealer didn't check and fix at the last service. Anyway, worth to print this instructions and ask them for some free of charge tests.

As mentioned, only a not approved hint. 150 at 100 mph is a bit low to indicate for 100 percent on that early failure. VVCs are known to have higher oil temperatures, though.

Dieter Koennecke

Yes, i've started a thread about that a week or two ago.
Got my 1.8i in may 2000 and my gauge is almost always at the middle of the red zone when the weather is hot or 150c when the weather is average.

My car dealer does not want to bother to know if it is a problem that can be fixed or not.


>>My car dealer does not want to bother to know if it is a problem that can be fixed or not.

Boy, you suffer with that dealer of yours, don't you Arnaud. Have you tried pointing out to them how much work it might cause if this is a true reading and your engine is about to seize?

Ed Clarke

I am sure Arnaud doesn't mean its in the middle of the red zone, does he? My God, duck shes going to blow!

LOL, read Paul's post and this sprung into my head:

<Scottish Voice>
She canna take it any more capt'n, she's gonna blow if you maintain this speed much longer.
</Scottish Voice>

Steve Childs

Thanks everyone for your thoughts,

Dieter, what with the oil gauage and mirror leak discussed the other day I think it's time for a trip to the dealer! I'll check out your link for the tips.

Well. <scottish voice> I hope she's not gonna blow capt'n!<scottish voice> Thanks again all.


Paul, i mean it. It often goes at the middle of the redzone since about 2 months. But i'm almost certain my gauge has some troubles.

About my car dealer he really sucks a lot. But he is still the one who knows the best the F - so i have no choice.
One example of his great efficiency : in April, i asked him to order a new trunk water seal (mine has been damaged by a bad installation of the security triangle holders). I came back in May, asked him if he ordered the part, he said no. So i asked him again. In June, called him if he received the part and once again he didn't evev ordered it. I stayed calm and told him i really need it because it is raining in my trunk during storms. He said he was sorry and will call me mid-july. Guess what, we are the 25th of July, still no news of him...
It is just one example from many others...


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