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MG MGF Technical - On fuel getting through

I have heaps of spark but there is no fuel getting so it is not firing.

what next

Yes it has petrol

To check that the fuel cut-out switch hasn't tripped?
Dave Livingstone

where do I find the fuel cot -out switch??

OK, this is from memory, with no access to my car at present! Looking at the engine bay from the rear through the inspection grille, it is on the left hand side near the fuel filter. There is a small rubber topped device - can't remember exactly what it looks like just now. Essentially, it is a safety device that is designed to trip when there is a major impact. It can be re-set by pressing the rubber-covered top under which I presume there is some sort of switch. I can't recall a specific picture of this on the usual websites, but undoubtedly Dieter has one somewhere :-)
Dave Livingstone

thanks for that could not find it on Dieters site hopefully someone will come trough with a pic.

You may also find something in the archives that has some more specific info.
Dave Livingstone

You'll find it here


Hope that helps

I Brown

Thanks for that

Still no fuel have pushed the cut off.

I have removed the fuel line below the flitter and no fuel is getting to that point.

The pump sounds and feels like it is working.

What does the purge tank do and the switch or pump on top of it for. This does not feel like its doing anything. The car fired when CRC is sprayed into the airbox

the purge tank catches the vapors for the tank and dumps them into the airflow when the car is running - it has no effect on fueling.

If the pump is running (you should be able to hear it buzz for three seconds when you first switch on after cranking) then you have either a blockage in the filter or the pump needs renewing.

how full is the tank?

Personally I would start by changing the filter (should be every two years)
then I'd try filling the tank
then I'd pull the pump, stop as soon as you notice somthing not quite right, you don't want to be saying 'the pump ran fine when I got it out, but the terminals looked a little burnt' because a new pump will fail the same very soon if the root cause is not fixed.
Will Munns

I have taken the line off on the tank side of the filter and there is no petrol point

"Yes it has petrol ". Based on the fuel gauge reading?? Empty tank and stuck tank sender ?
I would give it another 5-10 liters of gasoline.
Carl Blom

Could it be ECU as it had been sitting in the rain for two days??????
g p mccardle

Not much petrol is comming from the tank unless the pump is running. Put a small container at the fuelline to collect petrol and prime the system by engaging the key. If electrical is OK the pump should run for a second or two and give a small amount of petrol.
Connect the hose and do the same check on the other side of the filter. Same again, but now at the engine compartment where the fuelline goes TO the injectors.
Note that there is also a similare fuelline going FROM the injectors containing excessive fuel.
As always ,be careful with petrol and fumes! / Carl.
Carl Blom

Undso the fuel filler cap and try again.
K Waring

>no fuel is getting to that point.

May be the interconnection hose inside the fuel pump assy has gone from either the upper or lower joint.

This is what the pump is if removed.

Dieter there no feul at the pump side of the filter is any way of testing that without taking the pump out. Which hose carries the fuel from the pump can I remove this to see if there fuel being pumped?

Thanks for the help fixed in 5 minutes by taking the black conector of the fuel pump and cleaning the female ends.

Dieter how do i remove the fuel pump cap so that I can clean the male pins. Then I can put the inpection plate back.

Thank Mac
MA c

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