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MG MGF Technical - One of the headlights (bulb) is blown. Got some info for me Dieter ?

After 4 years and 4 months, the light-bulb of headlight at the passenger side blew (I don't think dealerships replace these bulbs automatically at the servicing intervals - replacement only when the bulb blows, isn't it ?)

1. Which make is it (Bosch? Philips?) + partnumber ?
2. Because I have never done it on my MGF and haven't actually checked yet under the bonnet how accessible lightbulbs are in the headlamp-unit, a blunt (maybe even dumb) question: how much time does the whole process normally take to replace a headlamp light-bulb in an MGF: a couple of seconds, a couple of minutes; in other words: is it an easy DIY jobby (IMHO I can't imagine that I need the dealership to do a dead-simple replacement for me, or is it however better to waste money on them for this intervention) ?

Any input is welcome.


Hi Luc,

The main headlamp bulb is a Standard (ish) type made by Osram. One of the original taken from my car (I changed to the prismatic/coloured type) has the markings H1U 12V 55W E1 24N. To fit, is a relativly easy job:

Open Bonnet,
Remove backing from lamp
Carefully (but forcefully) unplug the lead to the lamp.
Unclip the holding wire ring.
Remove old lamp.
Replace with new and re-assemble.

As with all modern lamps it is VERY important not to touch the glass parts of the bulb.

Overall job a couple of minutes (max), but I would suggest taking the old bulb out and taking it with you when you go to the shop, that way you can be sure to get the rght type.


P.S. at the risk of starting a long running thread, have you thought of using the cromatic lamps? Slightly less bright in normal conditions, but IMHO much better in heavy rain/fog.

Yes .
'H1' is the most important.

Dunno wether my own very early stuff there is still valid, but hope so.

Phlips Premium or OSARAM Super are the uprated with 30 percent more light. (availiable on the continent)

Luc, just go and purchase a second one and change them both. The livetime is nearly equal.
I bet you'll need the second in a few days.

BTW I found that time that the uprated H1 don't last so long.

Dieter Koennecke

My godness... crap Laptop keyboard.. I'm sorry.

Philips Premium or OSRAM Super ... So far :)
Dieter Koennecke

Are we talking about the main beam, in which case the bulb is an H1 as described, or do we refer to the dipped beam?

In the case of the dipped beam the bulb is an H7, which is similar in profile to the more common twin filament dip/main H4 series of bulbs. The H7 is slightly smaller and has just two terminals to the rear, which have a moulded connector carrying the wiring.

Both bulbs are 55 watt.

Note that if ordering parts from the dealer that some slides show a part number error as they list the bulbs as being the same, and both H1 series.

The correct part number for the dip beam H7 series bulb is GLB 499

The correct part number of the H1 series bulb is GLB 448

Roger Parker

>that some slides show a part number error

Ahhh, thanks Rog !
Not only the slides IMO but also the old 1996 car instruction manual if I recall it right.
That was the reason I never wrote the Part Numbers to the webside.


Thanks all for your input.
Replaced the GLB 448 lightbulb in each of the headlights this weekend. Very easy DIY, as you told me.

After having replaced the blown lightbulb, it first seemed that it hasd been to no avail, until I found out that the fuse related to the headlight of the originally blown bulb had been blown too. So I replaced that particular red-colored fuse too.

1.- Replacing the lightbulb in the headlights is a very easy DIY (but avoid touching the bulb itself - it's sensitive stuff...)
2.- Don't forget to check the fuse too !

Thanks & cheers,
-- Luc --

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