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MG MGF Technical - Only when the sun starts shining?

This one is for the electricians and starting probs gurus among you all.

Since three weeks I have had serious staring problems. In the beginning it took a lot of firing to get the engine running with some pushes on the reset button in the back.
As of yesterday it completely died. Dashboard lights still work so does the car audio. I hear the sound from the fuel pump and the starter come on. But no firing....

Weather conditions seem no cause. Battery and sparking plugs were changed last year

What could it be????

So the starter turns the engine, but it just doesn't fire ?
The coil or distributor components are the most likely

Or the crank sensor, worked this out whilst sat in AA truck on Monday (bolt had fallen out)
Will Munns

Hi gents,

Just to report back to you.. the problem turned out to be damaged power cables to the plugs

Thanks again for your advice


This thread was discussed between 22/04/2004 and 28/04/2004

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