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MG MGF Technical - Opening Bonnet

My bonnet refuses to open from the boot, the cable stretches but doesn't pop the hood, is there any
sneaky way of getting the bonnet up?
I've run out of water for the wipers so am reduced to
driving with a bottle of windowlene spray!


sounds like the cable stretched, sorry cant help there, but I find a washing up bottle is better for squirting the windscreen, works at up to 60mph.

from my point of view that's another fault with the F. I've exactly the same problem since 2 years now. It was 'repaired' by the garage 3 or 4 times, but the fault returns and persits.

Lubricating the snatch may help a little, but doesn't fix the problem itself. Don't know the exact cause of the problem.

Thus I have to grab the bonnet at the front left and right corner (near the headlights) concurrently and lift it manually (after releasing the snatch by pulling the lever in the boot).


I have a similar problem, I pull the catch, if it has not popped up, I nip round the front
push down on the catch area, and pull the handle again, it seems to work, (that is maybe until next time)

Regards Ralph N819LFC

The cable has a rather long and twisted route from the back to the front and is always a little on the stiff side to get the bonnet catch to release, however mine has never failed to operate and it is almost 5 years old.

I suggest you try and get someone to push down on the bonnet whilst you pull the release handle - this sometimes helps if the catch itself is too tightly adjusted.

Ted Newman

Had this probelm soon after getting my car aver 2 years ago, fixed under warranty so I don't know hoe the technician actually got in. ANyway, the problem turned out to be the cable having become dislodged/unhooked/detached. Since being fixed it's not happend again. For those of you needing to lean on the bonnet to enable the catch to release - it sounds like something needs a little adjusting.

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Paul Lathwell

I too had this problem. in my case it was caused by the cable coming detached at the bonnet release. Happily for me, it was fixed under warranty by putting the car up on a hoist, then pushing back the bonnet release lever with a long screwdriver inserted straight up in fornt of the radiator.

If you plan to try yourself, you might find it helps to remove the radiator grille first so you don't have to reach up so far.

Good luck


Hi Matt

If this is the same problem I had (and it sounds like it is), if you get someone to try and lift the bonnet - Just stick your fingers under the bonnet at the gaps at the 2 front corners- while a second person is holding the bonnet release leaver.

This should work. Other wise you may have to manually release it with a long rod or screwdriver as described by Chris.

I believe the fix is to retension the release wire, and lubricate the release mechanism at the bonnet.

Scott Martin

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