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MG MGF Technical - over heating?


I think i might have a problem with my vvc, after a motorway run the car will suddenly heat up when i have to stop in traffic for a while. The fan comes on and the water temp will rise over half way ( normal sits just below halfway ) then the fan will cool it down back to below half way. The expansion tank level is normal do you think i might have some air in the system? I have let some air out previously from the radiator bled point.
Just a bit worried don't want HGF!!

NJ Rawlings

It is perfectly normal.
DO NOT switch off the car immediately after a motorway run (e.g. while refilling). Wait for a minute (fan will go on and off).
Picquart martin

It's not normal for the water temperature gauge to move off the standard 'one notch under half' mark. The gauge is very heavily damped and any movement is a significant rise in temperature - usually only lasting briefly before something serious happens!

If the radiator fan is kicking in correctly it should be holding the temperature down to normal at all times. Are you sure the rad fan is operating?
Dave Livingstone

Sounds like the radiator is badly corroded and only giving very minimal cooling, or you have an air lock or you have a sticky thermostat. All bad and not normal if you are using a standard gauge. If you are using a non-standard gauge (such as the one on my midget) then this is normal behaviour.
Will Munns


Thanks for your help have ordered a new Mike satur radiator and under body pipes hopefully this will help. The other Radiator was a bit rusty and the fine fins were breaking off!!

thanks again
NJ Rawlings

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