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MG MGF Technical - Over-Steering / 4 Wheel Tracking

I've recently had two new back tyres and also had new trackrod ends fitted as I was told that it needed this to pass the mot, on the way to the mot I noticed that the car really oversteered when doing about 80-90 on the motorway I mentioned this at the mot and they said it was probably the tracking so I had the reer wheels tracked as I was told they needed it, but on the way home the car done the same thing and I nearly lost control. I've just been told that this is because MGF's need to have 4 wheel tracking and this will solve the oversteering problem? is this true? anyone else ever had this problem?



>is this true?

Yes. Written as a must to the official workshop manual.

Dieter Koennecke

What kind of idiot tells the MOT that his car is unsafe?
Easily Confused

I don't think he actually said that Mr Confused. After all, he was talking to a garage, not the MOT! I imagine it would be someone who wants to be safe on the road and wants their advice.

Bob Minimus

Thanks Bob, Easily Confused - The point being that I'm not trying the sneak the car through the MOT but make sure that my car is safe, for the sake of a couple of hundred pounds I'd rather know that my car and me are 100% safe when I drive. As for you comment, my car had already passed the MOT the point I was trying to make was is it true that MGF's need 4 wheel tracking, which has already been answered.

Following any alterations to the steering and suspension of most (all?) cars, ALL would surely benefit from 4 wheel tracking check and adjustment. On my favourite MG Montego, when I carefully replaced the front hubs with later one piece bearing ones, renewed the swivels and front telescopic struts, springs and dampers, the car felt reasonably good steering wise. Not as good as when I first had it but OK just the same. Within a week or two soonafter, I noticed that my near new front tyres had plenty of tread depth on the outer side, but the inner was almost down to the steel reinforcements and by the time I'd returned from my trip, shiny steel was actually showing.

A four wheel tracking session VASTLY improved the feel of my car again. The technician who did the check said my tracking was only a little out. That's what only a little can do. All now being well, new tyres will last much much longer.

John McFeely

I think this site from John T. explains best what you said.
linked as well far below on my very old site @

I've no idea about the Montego body and suspension design, though.

At the MGF and mgtf the front and rear axle is mounted to subframes which are fitted to the body more or less flexible.
The wheelbase difference, track width difference (front to rear) with herein the lateral wheel offset and at last the axle offset is impossible to get aligned with a simple two-wheel alignement equipment.

This may work for older front driven cars, but not on modern design suspension.

I've accompanied several MGF enthusiasts to a track alignment here in D and found them almost afraid when the car stood on the moving wheel plates and I shaked the car with a strong grip to one wheel on that stands. Before the lasers got attached, of course.

Would recommend to do this once. The car wobbles sidewards on this moving plates and turn tables like an old ship.

PS. would also recommend each 25k miles a 4 wheel alignement, ... if right done then it's worth to do.
Dieter Koennecke

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