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MG MGF Technical - Overactive fans?

Both cooling fans on my TF 160 seem to come on quite often, even in thisfairly cold weather. It doesn't seem to overheat, has a new expansion cap and doesn't lose any water. The fans aren't on all the time, it's just that they come on when I wouldn't have thought necessary - often after half an hour or so of normal driving. Certainly more often than my old F and I don't recall noticing this last year. Anything to worry about?

Tim Jenner

Sorry for the bump, but anyone any ideas?

Tim Jenner

I have just put my TF160 back on the road after 4 months and I have noticed the cooling fan comes on after being stopped for only a minute. All indications ok and no lost of coolant. I put it down to me not noticing it before as hiterto I have always turned the engine off before I got out the vechicle.
M J Beardmore

Worth keeping an eye on the condition of the radiator, as corrosion of the fins can seriously reduce cooling efficiency.

If you have access to a thermometer of the 0-100 celcius range, you can test the radiator thermoswitch by dunking it into boiling water so the fan operates, and then add cold water gradually, monitoring the temperature of the water until the fan stops. I don't have the CD to hand, but I'm fairly sure the operating range is listed in the manual.
Mike Hankin

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