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MG MGF Technical - Oversteer

Have taken my car into local mg dealer with (amongst other things) a steering wheel that seems to be 'slightly' off centre when i drive in a straight line, i collected car today with steering still slighly off (nothing to worry about he says) and generally 'no fault found' I got into the car to find that i now have severe oversteer. I took car back, and spoke to service manager, who said that if there is any oversteer (there shouldnt be he said) it would have nothing to do with his mechanics looking at initial steering wheel fault, he also added with mgfs not being power sterring etc etc. It seems starnge that before i didnt notice any oversteer, and now car has come back from garage with a initial steering wheel off centre fault, car is now experiencing severe oversteer, its also intresting to note the tracking was checked a few weeks ago and all ok, tyre pressure all ok also, any help advice appreciated.
L Vaughan


F's are more likely to understeer!
just watch that you are not going too large in this cold weather on roundabouts etc, otherwise there is definitely something loose!


>> he also added with MGFs not being power steering etc etc<<

Most MGFs ARE power steering??

This thread was discussed on 23/01/2006

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