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MG MGF Technical - paint chips

The bonnet of my 96 mgf has very small chips out of the paint work, presumably from stones etc.. what's the easiest / best way to cover up these minor cosmetic faults ? Should I see a professional ? paint work is otherwise fine.
Andrew Northcott

Depends how many and how bad the chips are.

I have used the Turtle chip repair kit, comprises a wax pencil and they are available in various colours. Most car shops and certainly Halfords sell them

Ted Newman


I don't know about the easiest way, but the best way is properly and carefully. Some excellent how-to articles are at

I haven't used the repair kits, but I guess they are what they say, coloured wax which fills the chip, and that isn't repainting. I should think that they are suitable, as Ted implies, for very light damage only.

Regards, Kes.

I usually use the Rover supplied touch-up paint stick. The colour match is FAR superior when compared to the Halfords stuff. Careful dabbing usually does the trick (I had the joy of doing this on Sunday...)

Otherwise I totally agree with what Ted and Kes have already written.

Rob Bell

I agree with Rob, Get the Rover Touch up stick.

This is what I do for paint scratches. Touch up the scratch very carefully and slightly over fill the scratch so it comes above the paint. Wait 2, 3 days and gently rub the area with T-Cut (The one for matallic paint) until it looks good. If you do it well you can get it level with the original paint work and it is hard to notice the scratch, as there are no edges to catch the light or your your eyes to pick up.

A word of warning when cars get to about 3 years old the paint starts to fade. If it is red after about 2 years the paint starts to fade. If you opt for a re spray of the panel. The paint will fade at a different rate to the original paint work, hence you may beable to see if after a few years.


The problem with the touch up paint is that it is obviuos that you have repaired stone chips as the car's snout is covered in little paint blobs.

I grant you that they look better than the stone chips and possibly only the owner will ever really see those little blobs.

But if you are against little blobs then visit this site

I discovered it when being a sad bastard surfing one night. I ordered the product from the US and it was delivered within days.

The instructions say touch-up with the standard repair paint and wait for an hour before polishing with this product. I found it was better to leave for a day (so damned cold in the UK) before applying the product.

It does work wonders - it is very difficult to detect the repairs. It is great of chips but I have have less success with big scrathes.

Hope this helps.



RE: Front bumber chips.

I got a scratch from some sod who must have parked to close.

As the chip just scored the plastic (not just paint) the plan is (a) not to buy any front fog lamps... saving 200GBP and (b) wait and spend 220GBP to have the front bumper removed, sand plasted smooth and re-spayed. This will give a showroom finish... no fading issues,... and best of all not unwanted bumps or worries...until the next sod ...!

V272 ROH


I have some very small but fairly deep stone chips and bought the Rover paint stick, ´cause the chips started to rust rust ( at least in 3 locations). Now the one thing I need to now what is a T-Cut? Is it a simple plastic sort of knife? you use to scratch over the paint in excess?


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