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MG MGF Technical - Pause in acceleration

Ive noticed that I seem to be getting a dip in power just as I move off from junctions, lights etc.

Its almost like a pause about a second after the initial acceleration. Scared the sh*te out of me at a round-about when I tried to get out ahead of a bus.

Anyone have any ideas?
1.8i with K&N

Throttle hesitation is often caused when the throttle potentiometer doesn't supply the correct signal to the ECU when the throttle is opened. The dealy is due to the system catching up with the change to the pressure inside the inlet manifold via the MAP sensor. A plug in sesison on Testbook will confirm whether it is this or somehting else giving the same conditions. I suggest this route rather than poking around in the dark replacing this or that, unless your like me with a garage full of odd spares from various projects.

Roger Parker

This thread was discussed between 06/06/2001 and 10/06/2001

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