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MG MGF Technical - Pedals

Has anyone fitted ally pedals over the existing? There seem to be various about and I have heard stories about having to drill the pedal which I don't fancy.

Any recommendations, should I go to B&G or Mike Saturn or can I pick something up from Halfords.

IIRC Mike Satur does clamp on ones that you dont need to drill the pedals to fit
Bob Millar


The pedals have to have a rubber pad on brake and clutch pedal for them to pass the MOT, halfords only do one type of pedal which has (any!) rubber on it at all (and just happen to be the most expensive set!). I brought them as I had an MOT booked the next day and it was the best I could do. The MOT guy accepted it.

Fitting wasn't very hard - but it was fopr the midget rather than the F, so this is where my post stops.
Will Munns

Bolt on or clamp on alloy pedals are illegal and as such are for show purposes only.
Will almost certainaly fail an mot test but a worst possible sanario is if you fit them and have a crash , "then no insurance "
R J Hemphill

This thread was discussed on 07/05/2004

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