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MG MGF Technical - Petrol Smell

If I fill the Tank up (halfway) on my 98 VVC, I get a slight petrol smell in the cabin. I read somewhere that there was a seal that I need to change. Any ideas?
Richie Bower

Just replaced the fuel pump seal today on our '97 VVC. A bit tricky - used a large pair of slip joint pliers to undo the retaining ring. Recommend a little rubber lubicant on the new seal, saves a lot of time.

Try the archives on this one.
Stuart Elliot

Richie,all right mate,sorry to say that the fuel pump has never been a problem with MGF's. There was a spate of petrol tanks that used to 'breath' causing a smell of petrol in the car,there fore the tank is needed to be replaced,that includes pumpseals and tank seals,because they need to be replaced every time you move them,and when the tank is removed it needs to be cut out ,as the tank swells and is to big to get out the hole.And don't leave it too long as petrol vapuor (benzin)is quite dangerous.
dave mgf tech

I don't know whether the same parts have been used, but on Elises there has been a recall to replace inferiour petrol breather pipes, the pipes that go from the tank to the fillercap, they split.
that also caused a petrol smell after filling up and was quite dangerous.

Bob vanM
Bob van Melzen

Dave mgf tech:
If there are fumes around that are dangerous, surely MGR would wish to replace all the offending items under warranty? Do you know what the policy is on this?
T Green

The petrol smell was one of the reasons I chose to sell my F. Although the tank was replaced (FOC), the smell came back. A friend had his tank replaced 3 times & the smell still came back (not sure if he had the other bits replaced too).

Not all cars suffer from this problem - so there is no policy AFAIK.

Stuart mentioned already.

See the archive on this thread.
'got rid of the fuelsmell without fueltank change'

Dieter Koennecke

T Green, alright ,how you doing,I'm not to sure on the warranty statous as that is not my field,i could possibly try and find out.If they'll tell me?
dave mgf tech

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