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MG MGF Technical - phew, my VVC got almost cooked

Argh, encountered (yet another) problem with my VVC last sunday, this time I accelerated uphill (after relaxed 1 hr drive in Luxembourg landscapes - top down!), switched to 3rd around 3700rpm and whoooooooooooooshhhhhhhhh, the revs needle went straight banging the 7250rpm for at least 6 seconds (together with a HORRIBLE revs-noise) until I succeeded in getting it back to 800rpm (neutral gear) by repeatedly pushing the accel pedal (which wasn't stuck, just not responding to my foot).
Scary moment, and dealer didn't spot anything at this butterfly thing (or whatever you call that spring next to airinlet). Didn't happen again since.
Weird to see that needle go slightly up'n down at 7200 zone due to the revscutter trying to stop the madness, together with a sharp-noised sputtering engine.

Anything else I can check for to avoid this highly unpleasant experience? (esp with cold engine!)
Dirk Vael

How tightly is the jubilee clip holding the K&N filter to the throttle body tightened? The throttle body is made of plastic and can be distorted by over tightening of this clip, and this could lead to sticking of the butterfly throttle valve...

Rob Bell

Pal of mine has his T reg BRM in for a new throttle body this week. The plastic housing has distorted and he was suffering similar problems. Initially the check of the throttle body showed all was working fine and free. Heat seems to influence matters.

Roger Parker

This thread was discussed on 02/05/2000

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