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MG MGF Technical - Pictures of bushes...

Hi Folks,

Ok, comedy thread title aside, has anyone got any pictures of the rear suspension and shocker bushes in place from a side on view (as in at a 90 degree angle from the car itself) with the road wheel off. Both of my rear shockers 'seem' to be riding backwards off the lower bushes and it looked unusual to me while I had the wheels off at the weekend - didn't have the digi-camera with me so I couldn't take any pics of what I saw.


Chris Tromans

hi chris mate
how are u doing ??did u get all your problems sorted then .

darren milton keynes
darren jeffery

Hi Darren,

Not too bad thanks :-)

I haven't had the chance to look at the contacts on the EPAS yet.. well at least not since I've got the strange noise coming from the rear nearside wheel which is currently being investigated by both me and MGR... this seems to be the first priority at the moment - then will come the other problems... only noticed the odd position of the shockers on the bushes because I had the wheels off trying to solve the other problem :-)

Chris Tromans

Chris, try this page - hopefully one of the images will show you what you need to see?
Rob Bell

Rob.... what page? ;-)
Chris Tromans


There are comparison images of MGF and TF rear suspension - the former obviously being the one of interest to you :o)
Rob Bell


This page is probably close... are these front or rear in the images?

Using the example of Image D - I can't see bush out of both sides of the bottom of the shocker - my shocker is more towards the threaded part in the picture... I'll try and get an image of mine - it might be easier :-)

Chris Tromans

They're of the front suspension unfortunately Chris.

Probably the image that is closest to what you want is - however, it doesn't show the shock mounting particularly well :o/

As you say, might be easier to take a picture of the bush on your car - but it does sound as though you may need to replace the existing bushes. Happily Mike Satur does replacement PU items - see Tim's bush instructions here:
Rob Bell

Here's a picture of one of the old bushes removed from my F and a new PU bush (from MS):

I only fitted the lower bushes from the set (due to lack of metric spanners!), so if anyone wants the top ones they are available.


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