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MG MGF Technical - Piper Cross air filter / HGF

I recently bought a pipercross filter from Mike Satur and asked my local Rover dealer to fit it. Till now theyd always been ok (Ive had bad expieriences with 2 other dealers) but theyve really stuffed this up. First they had the cold air induction pipe connected to the side air scoop and terminating above the top of the filter near the grill by the boot. I spoke to Mike and got a new set of instalation instructions and asked them to have another crack. Theyve now chopped back the silicone hose connecting the filter to the engine so that instead of pointing downwards the filter now points patially downwards and partially to the side. It seems theyve done this to allow the cold air induction pipe to terminate below the filter. It now does but is right against it without the recommended 4 to 5 inch gap. Maybe its just me but Im sure the car feels like its wheezing! Will this set up work? If not anyone had one of these fitted correctly in the South East?

Reading the threads about HGF Im feeling rather nervous. Ive got a 96 VVC with 20k on the clock, are the older Fs more susceptible to HGF? I read something about "old" expansion tank caps being partially responsible. Is that so? Am I increasing the risk of HGF with the pipercross filter and an SP exhaust?
marc hanson


my impression about all these filter modifications is as follows:
on my 1997 VVC I had the K&N filter installed with and without cold air pipes. With the pipes fitted to the brake cable / bracked under the car pointing to the front (2 pipes paralllel) and ending approx. 10 cm away from the filter cone (radially - pointing towards the filter) you have the optimum effect. If you tend to come closer with the pipes to the filter it seems that you weaken the mid-range driveability (around 3000....5000 rpm). Since in all these mods the resonator box becomes obsolete the car behaviour and response becomes sharper, and you will lose low end torque (small amount).
Your second item:
I have suffered also an HGF on my MY 2000 Mpi - with around 40 000 km on the clock. There should be no reason why airfilter and exhaust mods have an influence on HGFs and looking into the "Hall of Shame" (see HGF-thread) there is no indication that modified cars suffer more than others. Since these mods are affecting the power of the car only in a range below 10 % the head gasket should be unaffected (Production tolerance of engine power is within the same 10 %!!!).

So, keep smiling and modifying


This thread was discussed between 05/11/2000 and 06/11/2000

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