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MG MGF Technical - Pipercross PK003 Viper?

Greetings fellow drivers,

I currently have an K&N s57 kit installed and thinking of using the Pipercross PK003V 70mm which goes straight onto the TB. What are the pros and cons having it directly mounted on the TB? Could I still use the spacer tube from K&N and assemble it on there with the added benefit of the cold air pipes close by?

appreciate any help!!

regards, Jorg
Jorg Mendgen

What engine is in your car Jorg?

Mounting the filter *directly* to the throttle body will reduce the power output on both 1.8i and VVC engines. On the VVC there are absolutely no advantages of fitting a Pipercross in this way.

On a 1.8i, mounting the filter directly to the TB increases mid range torque at the price of top end power.

Overall, it is not recommended that you do this.

If you can, mount the Pipercross to the existing K&N spacer pipe, and keep all the cold air ducting in place. The Pipercross will then liberate as much power as the K&N.

Question is, why bother? Only advantage of doing this is that the foam filters tend to be quieter than the cotton guaze filters.

BTW the best advantages are to be gained with constructing a heat shield around the filter so that the engine only ingests cold air for optimal power from the engine.
Rob Bell


Can you remind us all what you used for the heat shield and how you fixed the thing in place. Sounds like a job for this weekend.

tim woolcott

Tim, the thing I'm using at the moment is 220 cm diameter ali chimney ducting (the flexible stuff you ccan buy from builder's merchants).

No fixing is necessary - it just wedges in place!!! LOL

A picture can be found here
that'll give you some idea how I did it. Soon to be replaced with a Rover 820 airbox :o)
Rob Bell

Or you could consider upgrading to an ITG filter with induction box.
It's very good. - a bit queter than the K&N

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