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MG MGF Technical - Pipercross PK003V Fitted but ;-(

Well Well Well,

I have just installed the pipercoss pk003 viper straight on the TB (MPI) and the things is deafening so I decided to use my K&N spacer pipe to mount it on there.


1.) There is no improvement in accelereration compare to the K&N

2.) It seems like that it is more sluggish accellerating to about 160Kmh

3.) I feel like that my K&N which is now very dirty still lets the car breath better and that the pipercross foam filter does not hold what it promises!!

4.) Also the K&N has more volume compare to the piper which has got a cone shape inset (no idea whats that for, guess to circulate the air better therefore less disturbance when entering the TB.

I'm gonna try it for another week untill I got my cleaner kit for the K&N.

I will probably sell the pipercross on for about 50 EURO if someone wants it?

regards, Jorg
Jorg Mendgen

I'm more than happy with my Piper Viper. Here's a pic of the install:

(probably have to cut 'n' paste ...)
Andy Gilhooley

You raise an interesting point....

To the techies out there: Is the purpose of the spacer pipe of an air filter purely to locate the filter in a suitable location for ducted air, or does it also effect the flow into the TB.....?

tim woolcott

<chuckle> Well I did warn you about mounting the filter directly to the TB didn't I? Forgot to mention how much noiser it would be though!!!

As I mentioned on the previous thread Jorg, use the spacer tube supplied with the K&N. Use the metal colar adapter supplied with the K&N filter itself to mount the pipercross filter to the tube, and you'll find an instant improvement in performance.

I assume that you've kept the K&N cold air ducts in place?

The problem here is turbulent air flow at the throttle. The reason why the spacer tube is there is to smooth out the intake air before it hits the throttle butterfly. Turbulent air flow tends to be of fluctuating, low pressure (and therefore density) versus laminar air flow. Therefore, the more laminar and 'smooth' the air flow into the plenum, the power oxygen that'll be entering the engine, and therefore a more efficient burn of fuel = more power.

Plus there is also a component of ram air effect in elongating the intake tract a smidgen.

More on this @ in the background and ram air sections. Plus, if you have a look, there are comparisons made between the TB mounted Pipercross and the spacer mounted Ramair and K&N filters determined on a rolling road.
Rob Bell

The Viper kit for the MGF as fitted to Andy's car is the one I developed for the F /TF and is supplied by ourselves, if you buy a standard Viper and fit it onto the TB then the results will not be satisfactory.HTH


Thought you were on holiday... Just can't stay away...?
tim woolcott

Well, you know how it is Tim, MGs are an addiction. Doubtless Mike is just getting his next fix ;o)

Just to re-emphasis Mike's point, the Viper kit is completely different from the Pipercross filter that Jorg has got - as this too includes a spacer tube and a filter enclosure to ensure cold air supply to the filter. I had a peak at it on Mike's TF over the weekend :o)
Rob Bell

Tim,still here awaiting couriers to pick up (yours included) Have just booked a ferry crossing to take the kids to Euro Disney 8-[. taking the ZS ;-) Our origional plans went pear shaped. Still might be able to sneek off to Le Mans ;-)

See you and the others at the Arnage corner (& Mulsanne Straight) on Friday Petrol Heaven. I'll be the one with the new windstop :o)

tim woolcott

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