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MG MGF Technical - places who sell K&N 57i kits

Does anybody out there know where i can buy a K&N 57i induction kit for my 95 MGF 1.8i, also has anybody fitted one and seen much difference in performance?

P.S. cheers Al for info on ur 17" alloys.



Try Kinor, I think this is where most of us got our kits from! And I think they are the cheapest around.


James for the link :-)

I understand they have extra discounts for F'ers. as far as I know they are the cheapest.

Tests in MG World showed an 8BHP increase for an MPi and 15BHP for a VVC, enough to change your gear change and brake timing. The noise is quite nice too :-)

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Tony Smith

Brackets are still available for the K&N cold air pipes.

Cost 10 inc P&P
email for further details.

Tom Randell

I noticed that Halfords are now selling K&N kits in some of their larger stores. I didn't look to see if they had any F ones though - could be they just sell them for Novas!


cheers lads, it looks like i'll get the K&N from knfilters,

thanks for help.


Stupid question: I've just bought a new MGF 1.8. Would fitting a K&N invalidate my warranty?

I got my K&N from Brown & Gammons (www, as they were cheaper than kinnor. May no longer be true, but worth a look.
David Mills

Kinnor are currently the cheapest with the MG discounts (have been for over a year). It should give no problems with warranty, if the dealer says it does he is telling porkies and you should use another dealer.

And that's for B&G.
Tony Smith


84.99 Incl VAT & Delivery

89.99 + Delivery

Kinnor used to have an extra discount for MG owners, but I can't find this anymore on the site so I assume it is no more.

Tony Smith

>>Kinnor are currently the cheapest with the MG discounts (have been for over a year).

The last part is definitely not true. When I costed my K&N in the spring this year, Kinnor (even with the MG discounts)were 5 more expensive than B&G, and the P&P was more expensive from kinnor as well.

As for the URL, excepting that I can't seem to type commas and periods correctly, either will get you there. The redirects to .com. I had always typed and only noticed the difference when you pointed it out.
David Mills

Remember prices can go up and DOWN!!

Looks to me as Kinnor is still the cheapest.


84.99 Incl VAT & Delivery

89.99 + Delivery"


Halfords seem to sell the 57i for k-series 2.0l rover engines
and another smaller cone filter for nova's, It seems odd that these are the two cars singled out!


thanks for all the info and places to buy K&N kits, i gather this kinnor is the cheapest but what is the address? is it another web site or is it the B & G site?

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