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MG MGF Technical - Please could I have some advice - (NFC)

Hi All,
As I'm temporarily in charge of the Rover Rag-top now, while the 'F' is away being loved by someone else, I wondered if I could still ask your advice.
The steering wheel vibrates under braking. It's as simple as that really. I have 2 new front tyres. Balancing and tracking are spot on and The problem was there before.
I would be grateful for and pointers.


Kieren Gibson

Warped disks maybe? Or uneven wear on them?


Thanks Richard - I had better get them checked.


Kieren Gibson

Richard is probably spot on,however I had a 216 ragtop a few years ago with the same problem, after checking the obvious as you have done fitting new disk pads cured the problem, never quite sure why.

Major vibration problems with an Orion a few years ago was eventually cured by balancing rear wheels after spending a fortune on disks and pads and front wheel balancing, tracking etc
John Ponting

Hi, I had a 216 Gti a few years ago, and it was a bugger for warping the front discs - I 'd be pretty confident that's your problem..

I used to have a 1994 Rover 214 and had the same problem. Now owned by my dad who's just had a HGF - rad corroded and lost all coolant. :(
Paul Lathwell

This thread was discussed on 10/09/2003

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