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MG MGF Technical - please help brain hurting,inlet manifold

hi all,,,just recently replaced the coolant pipes on her mgtf 1.6,,to stainless steel ones..brill.3 months later had to replace a rear coolant hose, what i think is the inlet manifold gasket has gone leaky..not a lot but a goes just fine,no creamy crap on the dipstick etc ,so can only assume its the gasket on the inlet manifold,the car is 2002.only problem is guys,ive looked at it,,,,,,,,hey how the hell do you change it,my hands aint that small,,any help would be really appreciated,,,cheers all.
peter arnold

Try going round and tightening all the bolts worked on my car two years ago, and no leak since. Although as you say not easy to reach them.
David Karle

hi david,,,,spent this afternoon tighting the nuts,drained the coolant and refilled and bled twice...would you believe it,but 1 nut at the top was loose and 2 nuts at the bottom were also loose,,,,,yikes,anyway done the deed,and no leaks,checked and checked,no leaks,ran the car for a good 15 miles,still no leaks,,,,,,have i cracked it?,i hope so,cause those nuts are a pig to get to,unless you got hands the size of a 1 year old....regards.
peter arnold

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Sam Murray

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