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MG MGF Technical - Please help me

I have become an MGF widow, and need to know how to stop my fella from tinkering with his MGF day and night. As sexy as the MGF is and as much as like posing in it, I would like to see my hubby from time to time. Any suggestions to any modifications or body kits that I can get would be greatfully recieved, other wise I will just have to buy myself an MGF and join the club

Hi Jennie

I haven't seen your body so i couldn't suggest a kit for it :0)

I would say if you can see him tinkering with his F :0) at least you can keep an eye on him.
Nick Walters

Hmm, let me think about it ...

... an exhaust mod would't look good and also I assume the sound and smell of an MGF could not be met ;)

The air inlet *Bingo* !!! Thats it !!
Add a K$N Standard Filter. May be this helps.

On the other hand..... have days and weeks of studies to our websites and this BBS. You'll get best educated and can help him :)

Dieter Koennecke

Start a passionate affair with a Lotus Elise........

Someone explained it to me today in a way i have never thought of..

Young boys play with Action men, toy cars and train sets etc...

Young girls play with Dolls, Doll Houses, Push Chairs and make up.

When men play with their cars or buy a train set ( now they can afford what they want) ppl say Mmmmm look at him acting like a kid.

Why is it ppl dont say that about a woman with a baby wearing make up.....

Make sense, did to me :0)
Nick Walters

If you let me see your chassis - I'll let you know if it needs modified!

T515 MLS
Ewan Ramage

Jennie - are you sure we're not married ?? Are you sure, you're not MY wife posting in disguise ? This sounds scarily familiar....All I can say is "Join IN!!!" Go buy a K&N kit and help hubby fit it. Then make sure YOU get to drive it first....


Kieren Gibson

There is one overiding point to make.

Inside every man is a little boy trying desperately to get out. If you deny the boy you kill the spirit in the man. A man without spirit, without passion, without boyish impulse is no man at all. A lttle like a fish without a bicycle.


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