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MG MGF Technical - please help.....Dash light, looks like a radiator

Hi everyone,

I was hoping someone might be able to help,just drove about 3 miles in my mgtf and I have a light on my dash flashing, looks like a radiator???? as it flashes you can hear a buzzing too.Opened the boot and the engine seems quite hot considering I only went down the road.I not going to start panicking and totally freak out lol but I cant help but think the worst....Has anyone had this light flash before or know why its started.


s l jones

It's not the low coolant alarm is it? what year and model is the tf. Can you check your manua? Check the coolant level (when it's had time to cool down), and top up if low. Keep an eye on the coolant level for the next few weeks.
Leigh Reid

from another post :

>If the light for low coolant is there it looks like a picture of a radiator with wavy lines at the bottom and it will light up when the ignition is first switched on.<

Check the coolant. Before driving in the morning. Top up to 1/2 way up the tank (where the plastic seam is).

Hope this helps.
Leigh Reid

This thread was discussed on 23/08/2011

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