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MG MGF Technical - Plug gap?

Could anybody tell me the correct plug gap for a 96 VVCi?

Still trying to get the wife's car started. Checked the plugs again and getting a good spark on each, getting fuel there but still no go. Just wondering if the gaps on the plugs need changed as they seem quite far apart.

Thanks in advance.

0.9mm IIRC (although some literature suggests 1.0mm)
Rob Bell

Thanks Rob, will check them tomorrow as they look alot wider than 0.9mm.

If everything looks good, spark, air, fuel but won't start because the plugs look drenched with fuel it may be a problem I experienced recently, not with an MGF I hasten to add. The fuel regulator glued itself closed, resulting in a lot of pressure forcing huge amounts of fuel into the cylinder. It could have been the fuel going thru' the injectors even when they are supposed to be closed. The plugs were just swimming in fuel, no way would it start.

I dried out the engine, hot plugs and compressed air. Tried to start the car once turning the engine over only twice. Pulled the fuel pump fuse. Then turned the key till the engine fired, took quite a while and almost flattened the battery but no fuel was going in.
It just proved all the basics were correct. I could have dried the plugs in between getting some fuel in and trying to start it that would have been a bit quicker.

Anyway a good puff of compressed air along the fuel rail solved it, followed by a lot of Redex to clear the gummy petrol deposit. Remove the tank cap before you pressurize the fuel rail so you don't pressurize the fuel tank. I needed a fair pressure to shift mine around 65 psi. Then put a couple of normal doses in with the pertrol in the usual way.

Going like a little hero now. Good luck.
Ken Waring

Thanks Ken, something else to try!!!

There does seem to be alot of fuel on the plugs after trying to start it up, not just gotta find the fuel regulator.

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