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MG MGF Technical - Plug under radio near the limp with glove on TF ?

Hi i have a plug under radio near the limp with glove :

you know where i can do with this plug ?

Thx a lot

looks like the connector for either the fog lamps or heated rear window switch to me...
Mike Chase

The colour of the wires to the connector will tell you the correct circuit.
Geoff F.
G. Farthing

I have fog lamp and heated rear windows for my hardtop who work correctly...this connecter is very strange...its near the limp with glove

Funny connector, indeed :)
LHD car, three positons connector

Could not be from any Air Bag, cause the connector is different.
Looks different to any sensor connection I've ever seen.
Is not from the glove box light ?

I guess the cars VIN is above 4D620548 ??

What does the Test Book plug look like? My TF is not close by right now, so I can't look. I have no idea where it is, but assume that it is under the dash somewhere. But it should not be hanging loose like that.
Neil Courtney

The Testbook plug or rather Testbook 'port' is mounted on the top right of the fuse/relay board. Its larger and has more pins (16 IIRC) than this connector.

Yellow wires and connectors are normally associated with the SRS system.
Steve White

Just had a flick through every connector in the RAVE CD for the TF and nothing jumped out as looking like that at all! There's not much around that area - does your oil temperature guage still work? Hazards? Clock? How much slack is there on the cable?

Tim Jenner

Definitely not the OBD diagnostics port - that's far larger and mounted as Steve describes.

M guess is that this is something to do with the SRS - but if Dieter doesn't recognise it, I am not sure what to suggest.

Jerem, as Geoff suggests, it may be worth looking at the colours of the loom wires behind this connector. It will give us more of a clue as to what this plug is.

For what it's worth, I don't have a plug like this on my car that I can recall seeing!
Rob Bell

Hi :) my car vin is : 4D620580

maybe the glove box light who are not plug or maybe other ...i look tomorow :) and i look the cable color for put it :)

Tim, all is ok on my TF (oil sensor,clock...) the slak of this cable is litle, tomorow i look the color and if the the glove box light is ok.

Thx a lot my friends :)

Does the car have Air Conditioning? Maybe the recirc servo motor connector?
David Monks

Almost certainly not the glove box lamp - these have three separate connectors on the top of the (very cheap!) lamp assembly.

The yellow-centre of the plug is what makes me think SRS - but I haven't seen anything quite like this on my car (1995/6 MGF)
Rob Bell

hi :) david i have not air conditioning on my TF...

I try to look yerterday if i have the time :) for the color

Yellow colour of the plug inner body is no relation with SRS.

The AirCon opion sounds a good idea for me.

Hi :) i have looked the colors...

They are :

1 gray/white cable
1 black cable
2 black/red cables in the same pin


2 black/red .... let me think in direction *instrument* or *switch* illumination.

Hmmm, oil temp ? clock ?

Hmm - black is the ground, and this pulg is receiving instrument illumination. Must be a switch as you say Dieter. Which gives us the following options:
1. Air conditioning master or recirc
2. Front fog lamp
3. Heated rear window

And the answer is....

Slate grey/white is found on the blower switch on Mk1 MGFs... air con master switch is also connected to this, but ought to have more wires - so I remain confused.

What year is your TF Bugman?
Rob Bell

My TF are buy in JULY 2003 but the vin is : SARRDWBKN4D620580

BKN 4 <= 2004 build factory :)

I have a 2004 mgtf rhd with no air con and have this plug, although its taped up along with the loom in the side of the heate at the back of the console. I have fog lights amd heated rear window so nothing to do with this

Its not causing a problem so my assumption too is that its something for the air con.

Definately nothing to do with glove light or temp/ oil guages as working fine.

I had to remove the glove box and lie upside down in the passenger chair to see the plug, it just looks like its never been tied up when making the car or its been taken down for a air con unit that was never fitted
B Buick

The aircon has a short additional wiring loom - its probably one of the points where it connects to the main harness.


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