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MG MGF Technical - Plugs and wires

My 97 VVC has got a bit of a rough engine feel under hard acceleration. It has 88,000 KM on it and I am unsure of the service history (only put 3K KM on it myself) I am thinking that new plugs and wires are in order. What does Rover recommend, and what have any of you found to be a good replacement? Price isn't the determining factor, performance is :o)

There are plenty of combinations and many people better placed to make complex recommendations. But I have just replaced plugs and leads so here is tuppence worth.

The magnecor HT leads in either 8mm (blue, standard) or 8.5mm (red, competition)(available from Brown & Gammons) seem to be the favoured choice. I have just fitted the 8mm version and they have made a noticable difference. General concenus (see archive) seems to be that the difference betweeen the 8mm and 8.5mm is minimal and not worth the extra (significant) cost.

Plugs, where to start. The OEM Champion platinum plugs are fitted for long life presumably because access is difficult on the MGF. These are due to last 60k miles, but (again see archive) the concensus is that after 25-30k they drop off in performance. I have done about 27k and replacing the plugs has make the car much smoother, so I would have to agree with the concensus.

I chose to replace with OEM as it was my first DIY job on the F and was worried that if difficult, I didn't want to do it regularly. However, it is a doddle. Access to the plugs in less than 15 mins even with reading instructions whilst doing it. As such I think I would have been better going for the standard plugs and replacing after 6-8k miles. The cost would be about the same over the 30k miles and the standard plugs would always be close to peak performance.

There are a plethora of plug numbers and most are in the archive so I wont bore you with them here.

I have taken some photos and made a crib sheet for both activities which I will be passing to Paul Lathwell to include in his MGF FAQ. I haven't had the photos developed yet so they may be gash. If you want the draft crib sheets email me and I will send them to you. Whether you want the sheets or not, one hint worth knowing is buy a long 10mm box plug spanner. Using a socket and extension could cause you problems.

Hope this is some use

David Mills

This thread was discussed on 04/04/2001

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