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MG MGF Technical - Poor idle and missfiring at low revs and under loa

HI could anyone help! I have a P reg vvc with a replacement reconditioned engine. It pulls well and is free reving and smooth at higher revs. At idle it seems to hunt and often stalls. When under presuure especially below 3000 rpm it often misses. Has been checked on a machine and shows no fault code. Any ideas??
D R Brace

A good service including ignition parts and potentially a fuel filter if it's not been done in awhile may help. Also how are your leads? Upgrading to magnecor certainly helped my MPi. Taking out these variables could either fix it or get you closer to a cure ;)


Will do! got the day off on thursday so will replace plugs, leads, distributor cap, rotor arm etc. Any thing else?
D R Brace

Amazingly it was the battery shorting out! new battery and map sensor and running like a dream!
D R Brace

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