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MG MGF Technical - Poor starting(NMC)

Daughter brought her TF round to ours for it's winter lay-up and bought a '97 Renault Megane Coupe to run for the winter.Question-----the Megane has to turn over few times when cold in the morning before it starts.Thereafter,and all day,no problems.We have checked battery,plugs,all leads and connections,air filter etc and all seems ok.Car runs fine when started.Any ideas as to what could cause this poor starting? What is interesting is that the car has had a loud,wide, deep throaty back box welded to the exhaust which I doubt is original.I was wondering whether,if the original exhaust set-up had been interferred with, excessive back-pressure,or something similar, could cause poor starting.Any ideas anyone?
MR Blencowe

Cars with aftermarket exhaust systems commonly have other modifications too, might be worth looking at the air filter end of the process too; if for no other reason than to ensure any modifications are identified to her insurers.

Often that behaviour is due to distributor issues, so a check of the distributor cap prior to cold starting might reveal damp. That's certainly one of the issues that can affect cars that recently had their engine bay steam cleaned, which is often part of the sales preparation.

Thanks for that.Yes I had a good look at the air filter(it takes for ever to get off on a Megane Coupe).Everything else was dry.It seems the exhaust is standard except the back box/big bore.What I did find interesting was the archetypal Jap spark plugs NGK-----"Made In France".
MR Blencowe

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