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MG MGF Technical - Poor Tick Over

This could be a bit of general question but I'm just after suggestions really.

On tick over at about 800 - 900 rpm my 96 VVC will lose revs every so often, it drops right down to nearly 0 but never stalls. It only happens at tick over and has only started doing it in the last couple of months.

It seems to happen more when the lights are on, so I was wondering if its was a power drop, as i do use front spots alot. I have checked all the connections for the lights though.

I have a full stainless exhaust from the manafold back including CAT by pass and a K&N, but these were fitted long before it started.

Thanks in advance

Alistair Hayward-Wright

Sounds like the battery is dying a slow death !

Worth checking alternator outputs and battery - halford or a local garage can test them for you !

This thread was discussed between 02/01/2002 and 03/01/2002

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