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MG MGF Technical - popping on overrun

Well the ungrades are over now for a bit! I have just fitted/had fitted a K&N Induction Kit and an MS twin pipe exhaust (along with Eagle F1s). I would recommend these to anyone - the mid-range pickup is fantastic.

I've noticed that I'm getting a lot of popping on overrun (esp off the throttle down hill). Now I always thought that was a too rich mixture with unburnt fuel burning in the exhaust - which spells death for the cat. Is it normal (and a product of the change to a more open exhaust pipe so I hear it more) or is there something amiss? For instance did they break the flexible pipe which is throwing the MEMS. How flexible is it supposed to be?

Ian Medland

Ian, this happens on my VVC with one of Mike's excellent stainless systems fitted. I have had the car on a rolling road and the mixture was fine throughout the rev range. Also MOT passed with zero CO2. Do not worry, enjoy!


My Daytona does exactly the same so don't worry.

I get exactly the same with the Janspeed Cup exhaust.
Neil Stothert

My VVC + K&N + Daytona does it too. I like the sound!
David Bainbridge

My S/S SP exh, does it as well >AND I LIKE IT< Dave T6 DCM
DC Morris

Thanks to all. Yes it is fun isn't it!
Ian Medland

This thread was discussed between 29/04/2003 and 30/04/2003

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