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MG MGF Technical - Porous fuel tank

Am I correct in my understanding that early fuel tanks were porous and that modified ones were produced later? Adam
A. H. Price

This is what the rumours said.
The truth is different. In most cases(IMO).
Some indeed got _porous_ cause people drilled holes for ICE equipment into the wall behind the seats ;)

True is that no workshop got anything paid for warranty claims regarding the labour they had with just fixing from factory wrong installed parts like bad sealed shredder behind the seats or a kinked filler connection hose, or loose hose clamp at the tank breather connection.

They only got paid if _bad_ material got replaced.
So they changed fuel tanks. Got paid and the true failures got cured also whilst the change.

This stopped when MGR got moved to Phoenix with needs to get rid of all earlier warranty claims and enhancement of warranty to three years.
A service action bulletin was spread together with a reshaped fuel tank including instructions on what to measure and how to repair.
The tank change was the very final action.

I assume there had been also introduced some additional Q-checks in the factory.

Hope this makes sense. I'm not that english writer.

There may have been some bad tanks also ?

Anyway, if you MGF smells from fuel then at first follow the actions written here.

Thanks for that Dieter, a very comprehensive response.
A. H. Price

The later tanks have a different seal on the fuel pump (the connector is different as well). This change in the seal may have been made as a result of vapour leakage from the old style seal.
Ralph Gadsby

Thanks Ralph, I'll check that when we pull the tank out. Adam
A. H. Price

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