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MG MGF Technical - Post-HGF

Hello all,
Just got my car yesterday. Got two complains for my dealer. First, they do not know how to reinstall my cone type air filter which I figured wasn't thier fault since its not their product :p~~ . The second is that they somehow forgot to install the battery retaining clamp. Couldn't find the bolt to fix it myself so have to ask it from them.

By the way, are there any do's & don'ts that I should know of regarding usage of the engine after having the HG replaced?

Thanx to all comments.

Got home for lunch, then before going back to work checked the coolant reservoir .. EMPTY... Filled it up then drove back to dealer. Complained about it, they said they'll check. Luckily no overheating.

Which parts of the car should I ask them to check in addition to their routine inspection?

A complete re-bleed of the system!

Ted Newman

If a garage can't work out how to put on a cone air filter that they took off then I would have serious doubts about the mechanic's ability to do anything, let alone fix a HGF. I assume the battery retaining clamp was the wrong shape also. I would have everything else they touched checked for missing bolts etc. Sounds like they forgot something else also the water leaked again after they were meant to have fixd an HGF.

I think one don't is don't go back to that dealer, he sounds rubbish. I have learned that many MG/Rover dealers are RUBBISH and don't know one end of the MGF from the other.
Tony Smith

having watched the AA man doing it.
Under the bonnet, at the very front on the right hand end of the rad is a bleed nut. (visible thru access hole in panel)
Also, remove the spare wheel, then the plastic cover above the washer bottle, almost in the centre of the bulkhead, you will see a bleed nipple.
Run the car, stop it, bleed then refill if required.



This thread was discussed on 16/01/2001

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