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MG MGF Technical - Powe Steering

I have a problem when going around roundabouts.
When turning right the steering seems to stick momentarily.
This doesn't happen all the time only occasionally.
Once you've turned the wheel past this point everything is ok again.

Any ideas

David Ferris


This is most probably the first sign of the "Steer to the left" problem of the EPAS Sensor. Try jacking the front of the car up so lifting both front wheels off the ground, turn the steering to point the wheels straight ahead, start the engine and see if the steering is biased to the left (wheels try to steer to the left by themselves or steering feels as if pulling slughtly to left as you turn the steering wheel) . This is how my car felt at first and then got worse until the steering turned to the left by itself. If you think that the steering this biased to the left, the "Rover" cure is to replace the steering column but you can adjust the sensor on the steering column to compensate. Myself and others have successfully done this. You can find details on how to do this on this site, it's not difficult but rather time consuming.

Keith's excellent instructions can be found here:
Rob Bell

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